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World Tour Deluxe Series 49-Key/61-Key Keyboard Gig Bag - Model 3800 - World Tour Cases

Deluxe Series 49-Key/61-Key Keyboard Gig Bag - Model 3800

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World Tour Deluxe Series 49/61-Key Keyboard Gig Bag - Model 3800

Your keyboard deserves to be protected by a high-quality gig bag like the World Tour Deluxe Series Keyboard Gig Bag - Model 3800. This incredibly affordable great gig bag provides excellent protection for some of the top selling keyboards including including the Casio AT-3, Casio CTK-2300, Casio CTK-3200, Casio CTK-700, Casio CTK-7000, CTK-7200, Casio LK-100, Casio LK-240, Casio LK-270, Casio LK-280, Casio XW-P1, Casio CTK-4200, Casio CTK-6000, Casio LK-165, Yamaha YPT-220, Yamaha EZ-220, Yamaha MM6, Yamaha PSR-E223, Yamaha PSR-E243, Yamaha PSR-E343, Yamaha PSR-E413, Yamaha PSR-E423, Yamaha PSR-E433, Yamaha YPT-240, Yamaha YPT-320, Yamaha YPT-340, Yamaha PSR-E333, Yamaha YPT-230 along with other top brands and models.

With its adjustable strap, you will be able to take your keyboard with you safely to every gig or lesson you have. The two zippered pouches in the front will be perfect for carrying everything from your music books to your power supplies and cables.


- Extra Thick 20mm High Density Padding
- Water Resistant PVC backed Cordura Material
- Traditional and Back-Pack Style Transport
- Heavy-Duty 10mm Zippers with Oversize Pulls
- Triple Gusseted Storage Pockets

Fits the following Casio Models

- Casio AT-3
- Casio CTK-2300
- Casio CTK-3200
- Casio CTK-4200
- Casio CTK-6000
- Casio CTK-700
- Casio CTK-7000
- Casio CTK-7200
- Casio LK-100
- Casio LK-165
- Casio LK-240
- Casio LK-270
- Casio LK-280
- Casio XW-P1

Fits the following Yamaha Models

- Yamaha EZ-220
- Yamaha MM6
- Yamaha PSR-E223
- Yamaha PSR-E243
- Yamaha PSR-E333
- Yamaha PSR-E343
- Yamaha PSR-E413
- Yamaha PSR-E423
- Yamaha PSR-E433
- Yamaha YPT-220
- Yamaha YPT-230
- Yamaha YPT-240
- Yamaha YPT-320
- Yamaha YPT-340

Bag Dimensions

- 38.00 x 15.00 x 6.00 Inches

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